“Scantron” (OMR) Multiple Choice Exam Scanning Services — (COPY)


“Scantron” Multiple Choice Exam Scanning and Scoring Services

Verita provides both “On-site” (Vancouver) and “Couriered” multiple choice “Scantron” exam scanning and processing services. Both services include creation of the scored results (in Excel), performance statistics and a digital scan of the exams (PDF).

BTW: We also provide OMR and digital scanning services to many other industries for surveys, college certification, HR, legal documentation, medical studies, etc.  Contact us for details!


Pricing (valid through 2013)

Number of Exams (Sheets)
On-Site Service 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 Each additional 100
Scanning only: $110 $120 $135 $150 + $15
Sheets included: $135 $150 $180 $210 + $30
Courier Service
Scanning only: $90 $100 $125 $140 + $15
Sheets included: $115 $130 $160 $190 + $30
Packages above include:

  • scanning service plus minor data cleaning and validation (if needed)
  • scoring and results in Excel format
  • exam and item performance statistics (free)
  • (Courier service) return courier of the scanned sheets and DVD of digital scan


Option pricing:
Blank answer sheets (bulk orders): If you would like to order blank Scantron forms in bulk (as opposed to our supplying them per-exam) we stock blank Scantron “General Purpose Blue” (no. 4521) forms. See HERE for an example. (PDF will open in a separate window) $0.22 / sheet + shipping (usually around $15.00)
4-Hour “Rush” processing (Courier service): Emailed results guaranteed within 4 hours of our receipt of the answer sheets if delivered to our address by 12:00 noon (Please clearly indicate “Rush” when placing your order.) $30 / exam
Hand delivery or pickup (Courier service): available within the Greater Vancouver Area $40 / per location
Error correction and data manipulation. This is usually not required if the forms are received in good order and no major editing of the exam data is needed. For details on how to minimize or avoid these costs, please review the instructions and tips in the “On-Site Pre-Scanning Info Sheet ” or “Couriered Pre-scanning Info Sheet” (also available above). $50 / hour


Referral Program

To thank you for referring our services to your colleagues, we would like to offer you $20 off your next exam scanning and scoring when another department, colleague or school identifies you as a referral when placing their first order.

 Why us?

Low cost, “All-in-one” service Starting at $90 per exam ($115 with blank forms) for courier service (does not include cost of shipping to us), and $110 per exam ($135 with forms) for our on-site service, prices are often lower than the cost of having the exam scored by hand.
We will come to you (“On-Site Service”)
We will score the exam sheets right on your premises (all we need is a desk and a power outlet), and provide the results to you on the spot – usually within 45 minutes.
Very quick turn-around (“Courier Service”)
Emailed results guaranteed within 24 hours of delivery to our offices; 4 hours or less if “Rush” (details below).
A digital record (PDF)
We will provide you with a digital scan of the sheets in PDF format, allowing you to archive or shred the originals.
Accuracy Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or “Scantron” scanners are incredibly accurate in reading responses.
Free item analysis and statistics (in Excel) Statistical results regarding the performance of the overall exam and exam items are included free of charge in the scored results file.


How to get started (both On-Site and Courier)

Arranging for scanning: Please contact us at scanning@veritagroup.com at least 10 days before you need your scanning order processed with the following information:

On-Site: please note that we require access to a desk or table and an electrical outlet to provide this service

  • The date and time (a 4-hour window) that you’d like us to come by (we will need to confirm our availability).
  • The full address and parking information if any.
  • The contact details (incl. phone number) of the individual to whom we will be meeting and handing the final results.
  • If we are supplying the blank answer sheets please indicate the amount required and the mailing address. (We use XpressPost.)

NOTE: Time required:  It takes somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to provide the full service including digit scanning, and depending mostly on the number of exams – so please ensure that you have allowed enough time onsite when scheduling our visit.

Courier Service:

  • The date and time range that the exams are to arrive at our offices.
  • Whether this is a regular 24-hour or 8-Hour “Rush” order.
  • The return courier address and name of the contact person will sign for the package.
  • If we are supplying blank answer sheets indicate the number required and the mailing address. (We use XpressPost.)


Preparing your Exams for Scanning – Checklist

Our intention is to provide these services as quickly and inexpensively as possible. To minimize your costs and avoid delays, please review the tips below:

  • The Answer Key must be the first sheet on the pile: The Answer Key must be filled into the first sheet on the top of each exam batch otherwise we cannot score the exams. Note that only one correct answer is possible for each question.  If you intend to allow for more than one answer, or wish to delete a question entirely, give us a shout and we’ll tell you how to do this in the resulting Excel scoring file once the scanning is done.
  • Pencil: Please check that all answers are filled in with pencil. Pen and felt-tip marks are invisible to the OMR scanner, and require that we perform additional data cleaning to correct. To fix this yourself and save on these costs, just pencil over the responses that were filled in with pen.
  • Orientation: Sort the answer sheets so they are all facing in the same direction and oriented the same way up. One corner of the answer sheets has been cut off to make this easier.
  • Stray marks: Check for “stray marks” on the answer sheets – i.e. marks outside the “bubbles” or text boxes. If the marks are in pencil please erase. If the marks are in pen please transfer the examinee responses to a new answer sheet. Stray marks can result in an unscannable sheet and more data cleaning time. (Note that writing in the margins in pen, though potentially undetectable by the scanner, may yet result in an unreadable form.)
  • Damage, wrinkles, tears and staples: OMR scanners are very sensitive to imperfections in the physical sheets, which
  • at times will make sheets unreadable or cause them to jam and tear. Please ensure that the answer sheets stay as flat and dry as possible before scanning, and are free of tears, staples or Post-its.
  • Photocopies: Photocopied Scantron forms will not scan due to the different nature of the toner vs. ink. Please ensure only original Scantron forms are used, otherwise this will require a transfer of the responses to a new answer sheet and result in additional “data cleaning” costs.
  • Multiple answers: Check that examinees have indicated no more than one answer to each question and that erasures have been made as completely as possible. Two or more responses to a question will result in a blank result in the data file and a score of zero for that question. (Other questions are unaffected.)


Packaging the exams (Courier Service only)…

Please package the answer sheets carefully so they stay flat in transit and are not damaged on their way to us. If you are sending more than one exam in the same package, we suggest using rubber bands to separate one exam from the other (as opposed to staples which damage the sheets or paperclips which tend to fall off).

Include an Answer Key: The Answer Key must be the first sheet on the top of each exam batch.

Note again that only one correct answer is possible for each question.

Important Notes and Policies:

  • Turnaround time: Processing time for “Regular Service” is 24 hours from delivery of the sheets to our offices to our emailing the results back to you. The physical sheets are returned separately by courier within the next 24 to 48 hours. (This can however be expedited if needed.)
  • Rush: For 4-hour “Rush” processing, please ensure you have confirmed with us previously by email, and indicated “Rush” on the Order Form included within the package.
  • Results/scores: Results are returned to the email address that you indicated on the Order Form in an encrypted Excel file and using the password chosen by you. (If you did not choose a password a second email with password will follow.)
  • Pickup and delivery: Pickup or delivery of exam sheets must be either by courier, with signature, or by hand. Exams should never be left unattended or in a non-secure environment. (Verita cannot be responsible for sheets that go missing while in transit to our offices.)
  • Acknowledgement: Please make sure that we have acknowledged and accepted the delivery day, time, and whether this is a “Regular” 24-hour or “Rush” 4-Hour before sending the exam sheets on to us – otherwise we cannot guarantee turn-around.
  • Item analysis: Basic item analysis and statistics are provided within each Excel results file, and we would be happy to provide further assistance on this if needed.
  • Return policy on unused answer sheets: As we don’t want to force you to guess exactly how many sheets you need for each sitting, if you order from us please make sure you order more than enough and we will happily reimburse you for any unused answer sheets that you return with the exam package.
  • Guarantee: If the emailed results are not returned to you within the agreed turnaround time, we will do the job for free.


A Note on Security (Courier Service)

We take security very seriously. Once exam sheets arrive at our offices they stay in a secure environment (locked office in a secure building with fob access) until couriered or hand-delivered back to you.

Beyond this, clients are responsible for the delivery of exam sheets to our offices or to a mutually-agreed upon and secure location. Verita will only accept exams either hand-delivered to us, or sent by courier with signature to avoid tampering or loss.