Multiple-choice “Scantron” Exam Scanning Services

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Multiple-choice “Scantron” Exam Scanning Services

Why have us score your exams?

Our quick, secure service provides everything you need to run a multiple-choice exam:

Low cost, easy, all-in-one pricing

Starting at $120 per exam ($140 if blank forms are included) for our On-site service, and $100 per exam for Courier service, we provide everything you need at a cost that is generally lower than having the exams scored by hand. (full price list below)

Quick turn-around

On-site results are usually available within 1 hour. Couriered exam results are guaranteed via e-mail within 12 hours of receipt (or 4 hours on Rush Orders).

“On-site” Service (Greater Vancouver)

If you choose our “On-site” service we scan and score the exams right on your premises and provide the results to you on the spot, usually within 45 minutes. (All we need is a desk and a power outlet.)

Free item analysis and statistics (in Excel)

We provide free statistical results in regard to both the performance of the exam and each exam item, and will review these with you if needed.

(Note: At times this can reveal an error in the exam’s original answer key. If this is the case, let us know and we will fix it for you and re-score your exam at no charge!)

Free digital record (in PDF)

We provide you with a high-quality digital scan of your exams in PDF format (double-sided), allowing you to archive or shred the originals.


OMR “Exam” scanners are far more accurate in reading responses than hand scoring.

Pricing (valid through 2018)

Number of Sheets (per Exam)
On-Site Service 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 Each additional 100
Scanning only: $120 $130 $145 $160 + $15
Sheets included: $145 $160 $190 $220 + $30
Courier Service
Scanning only: $100 $110 $135 $150 + $15
Sheets included: $125 $140 $170 $200 + $30
Packages above include:

  • scanning service plus minor data cleaning and validation (if needed)
  • scoring and results in Excel format
  • exam and item performance statistics (free)
  • (Courier service) return courier of the scanned sheets
  • a CD containing the digital scan


Option pricing:
Blank answer sheets if NOT using the “sheets included” service: If you would like to order blank Scantron sheets in bulk we stock Scantron “General Purpose Blue” (no. 4521) forms. See HERE for an example. (PDF will open in a separate window.) $0.22 / sheet + shipping (usually around $15.00 per package)
4-Hour “Rush” processing (Courier service): Emailed results guaranteed within 4 hours of our receipt of the answer sheets if delivered to our address by 12:00 noon (Please clearly indicate “Rush” when placing your order.) $30 / exam
Hand delivery or pickup (Courier service): Available within the Greater Vancouver Area) $40 / per location
Error correction and data manipulation. This is usually not required, and we provide some degree of error correction at no charge (re bad erasures, student error, etc.), however for full details please review the instructions and tips in the “On-Site Pre-Scanning Info Sheet”   or “Couriered Pre-scanning Info Sheet“. $50 / hour (if required)

Contact us for further details.

Other Digital & OMR Scanning Services:

We provide OMR, digital and PDF/archiving scanning services to other industries for:

  • satisfaction surveys
  • legal and medical documentation (archiving)
  • college certification
  • HR studies

… and many others. Contact us for details.

Referral Program

To thank you for referring our services to your colleagues, we would like to offer you $20 off your next exam scanning and scoring when another department, colleague or school identifies you as a referral when placing their first order.