Employee Engagement Surveys

Your employees are your competitive advantage.

Employee Engagement: Work Life Balance Chart Example

After decades of research, it’s clear that highly engaged employees help their organizations succeed.

According to the “Best Small and Medium Employers (BSME) in Canada Study” conducted by the Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing (QCBV) and Aon Hewitt (article here), organizations with the most engaged employees achieve:

  • 26% less employee turnover
  • 20% less absenteeism
  • 15% greater employee productivity
  • up to 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.
  • 65% greater share-price increase
  • 100% more unsolicited employment applications

Do you know how engaged your employees are? Do you know what drives engagement in your employees? Understanding your employees’ perceptions can help you build a highly effective workplace and become an employer of choice.

We help our clients design the right survey to get the information they need to improve the work environment.

Our Base Employee Engagement Package includes:

Project launch meeting
over the phone or in person (free within the GVRD, additional travel expenses billed at cost), where we will discuss your survey objectives in depth. After this meeting we will provide our recommendations for the final questionnaire.
20 to 30 question survey
(in English) based on the Project Launch Meeting results, and your survey objectives regarding workplace perceptions and engagement.
Breakdown by one sub-group
where this would not compromise confidentiality – ex. gender, location, position, years of service, “generation”, etc.
Advice on your communication strategy
in announcing the survey, encouraging participation, and communicating the results.
Participant invitation email
sent directly from us to participants with their unique link to the survey.
Administration of the web-based survey instrument
on our dedicated secure server and over a secure (SSL/HTTPS) connection.
(We are also FOIPOP/FIPPA compliant.)
Notification of any “undeliverable” email addresses resulting from the mailout
with the opportunity to correct and resend.
Completion rate updates
overall and by sub-group (where confidentiality is not compromised).
Data compilation and analysis
broken down further by one sub-group (ex: department, location or language).
Aggregate statistical reports
in the way of frequencies and cross-tabulations in Excel.
Report of verbatim comments
de-linked from the participants for anonymity.
Year on year comparisons
for recurring customers and based on the current vs. one-previous review.
Final Survey Report
in Microsoft Powerpoint™ and printed to PDF.
Presentation of the results to the leadership or management team
in person (free within the GVRD, additional travel expenses billed at cost) or over a conference call or Skype session.
Recommendations for action
based on your survey results and Best Practices.

Additional Options:

surveys and emails – ex. “English/French” or “English/Chinese”. In addition if we are notified of employee preferences beforehand we can send the appropriate language version to each participant, and/or allow each participant to make a choice of language in the invitation email or in the questionnaire itself.
Additional questions
beyond the 30 provided for in the Basic Package and added to the questionnaire as requested or advised.
Multi-year analysis (noting that a 2-year analysis is included in the Basic Package)
if we have 3 or more years of data.
Breakdowns by additional sub-groups (beyond the sub-group included in the Basic Package)
where this would not compromise confidentiality – ex. gender, location, position, years of service, “generation”, etc.
In-depth statistical analyses
in the way of correlations, regressions, factor analysis (aka. “variable reduction” where multiple questions are measuring the same thing), etc.

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“Working with Maureen and Adam on our employee survey was great. They are very responsive, professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured a successful survey project.”

— Lynn Curtis, HR Professional, Vancouver

Simple, quick, and cost-effective

We can get your 20-30 question survey up and running within one week of the your agreement on question selection for $5,000 all-in.



Based on your objectives, we fully customize your survey and reports. You are not constrained by a set structure and you can edit the survey at any time before launch.


Maureen Simons: Over 30 years of human resources experience including 20+ years in HR consulting. Maureen has worked with three global HR consulting firms which includes seven years’ experience with a global employee engagement study.

Adam Hunter (B.Eng MBA): Over 20 years of experience in research and IT. Has been involved in hundreds of studies over the years in the areas of HR (employee engagement, MSF /360 studies), medicine (clinical trials and general research), education and professional certification (online examination/assessment design and delivery, performance analysis) and other general research-related topics (population studies, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.).

Yes we do multi-language surveys.

Other HR Services by Verita:

  • Employee communication strategy and implementation
  • Employee focus groups and interviews
  • Engagement action planning
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) / 360 Studies
  • Redesign of talent management and total rewards programs such as performance management, employee recognition, training and development

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