Phase III & IV (Late Phase) Clinical Trial Systems

Customized Phase III & IV (Late Phase) Clinical Trial Online Database & EDC Systems

Feedback buttonWe design, create, and administer customized online clinical trial and other online EDC systems for …

Investigator-initiated and grant-funded projects
Phase III and IIIB multicentre trials
Phase IV / Late Phase / Postmarketing surveillance projects

We work under the premise that:

  1. You are the content expert, have determined the research question, design and protocol, and will arrange for the administration of the study and the sourcing of participants.
  2. We are the technical enablers who will design, create and administer the online EDC platform (including participant scheduling, automated emails and ongoing status reports) according to your specifications and within the constraints of your budget.

Why us?

  • Cost effective:  Our assumption regarding investigator-initiated and grant-funded projects is that there is invariably a relatively limited budget.  We will work with your budget as a starting point, and build in as much functionality as possible within its constraints.
  • All of our applications are custom-built: The EDC platform we create will be custom-built specifically to the criteria and protocols you set out for your study.
  • You own it: Once created, you own the application. You are free to either run it on our servers for the life of the project, or move it to another server at any time.
  • Experience We know clinical trials. We have been creating custom-built, late-phase EDC systems and other online data-gathering tools for over 18 years.
  • Arms-length Relationship (randomization / blind studies):  As a third party we can assure that your researchers have as little or as much access to the raw data as needed in order to ensure the correct degree of obfuscation in selection process and treatment allocation.
  • FIPPA compliance (for Canadian clients): Verita is a Canadian corporation based in British Columbia, and our servers and infrastructure are all FOIPOP/FIPPA-compliant.
  • A close, ongoing relationship: We like to maintain a close working relationship with the researcher in order to better understand the particular needs, constraints, potential concerns and idiosyncrasies of the study.
  • We are in it for the long-haul: We aren’t going anywhere, and we usually assume that you will need assistance in the way of updates and reporting throughout the life of the study, which may be 5 years or longer.
  • Statistical analysis We can provide ongoing results, reports and analysis during the course of the study as needed. Data can be exported to Excel on demand, and analysis is commonly provided in either Excel or SPSS (for higher-level analyses).
  • Ethics applications: We can provide assistance in the technical and/or security component of your ethics application.

Why build a custom platform?

  • It’s entirely yours: You own the application and the data and you will be able to make any edits and modifications required at any time.
  • Control and ownership of data:  No one else sees your data.  It will either reside on a dedicated server owned by Verita, or can be moved to any compatible server you’d like at, or after, launch.
  • The systems will work exactly the way you want them to: There is no baggage left over from previous studies or online systems, nor a need to conform to an existing design or set of protocols.
  • It’s far less expense in general: It’s usually MUCH less expensive over the course of a study to build exactly what you need from scratch , rather than paying for a monthly subscription to a pre-existing platform.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Contact us for a free consultation – we’d be happy to review your project and budget, then give you our thoughts on what we can do for you – regardless of which stage you are at.