Online Exams & Professional Assessments – Design, Validation & Delivery

Customized Online Exams and Professional Assessments

We offer the experience and technical expertise to help you create and administer fully-customized certification, licensing, jurisprudence or other course-related online exams to your membership or registrants.

You can control as much or as little of the process as you like in regard to:

  • the registration process
  • proctoring tools
  • design and administration of the exams and exam items
  • ongoing analysis in regard to the performance of the exam (item analysis)

As our exam applications are all individually tailored to each client’s needs, they can be designed to work as “stand-alone” or in collaboration with your CRM or registration database.

Finally, when we are done and signed off the exam is yours – we can continue to host the exam if you wish, or we can help you move the application to your own servers and host it “internally”.

What should be considered and what does it cost?

As you can imagine the range of potential complexity, add-ons and options for an online exam application is considerable – however a rough rule of thumb for cost would be somewhere between $4,000 for a very basic exam application to $20,000 or more for a truly advanced application which might include:

  • consulting in regard to item and exam development
  • communication with a CRM (client database)
  • proctoring tools
  • items pulled randomly from a larger item pool
  • sub-tests (sub-topics within the exam)
  • control and constraints around “difficulty”
  • administration and “item development” pages
  • inclusion of “candidate items”
  • ongoing semi-annual item analysis to determine item/exam performance

(See the document Verita Online Examinations – What to think about when moving your exam online for an overview of all possible options and items to consider when creating an online exam application.)

Regardless of your budget however, we pride ourselves on getting the most out of limited resources – and so give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!


Why have us create your exam rather than pick an “off the shelf” option?

There are many excellent online options out there – however our forte is in creating unique solutions catered to your particular requirements.

No templates to follow, no predetermined structures to work within.

Our applications…

  • can be customized specifically to the structure of your exam or assessment.
  • can be made to work directly with your CRM or internal database if required – no need for your results to be sitting in one place while your registrant information is in another.
  • allow for exam “subtests” (most current online applications don’t).
  • allow for “candidate questions” if desired.
  • allow for control over the “difficulty” range (in a randomized exam drawn from a larger item bank).
  • are usually less expensive to run (we charge monthly for hosting regardless of the number of users – or you can host it yourself).

Why go online at all?

  • Lowered administration costs (no printing, automated marking, automated record-keeping, etc.)and so a great profit per exam.
  • Usually results in a more robust exam by allowing for the randomization of questions and/or their selection from a larger item bank.
  • Increased access to the exam both geographically and for special needs (while maintaining a controlled environment).
  • Avoids the error rates associated with the “hand” marking of exams.
  •  Can “green” your operations by moving away from paper .

Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to review your project, regardless of which stage you are in in the process.


Assessing the Assessment – Adding our Expertise

Do you need assistance in evaluating the performance of your current assessment or examination?

As we have been in the business of educational measurement for over 17 years, Verita’s specialists have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to ensure the highest degree of validity and defensibility of assessment or examination results; be it for high-stakes certification,  licensure examinations or classroom assessment.

Important assessment considerations include …

Pre-assessment design validity considerations:

  • What is the purpose of the assessment?  What inferences are intended?
  • What type of assessment is most appropriate (i.e. Written examination or task performance)?
  • Are the examination questions properly written and of the correct type (i.e. multiple choice or constructed response questions)?
  • Are the examination questions fair for all examinees?
  • Will the assessment provide reliable (reproducible) results?
  • Have the learning objectives to be assessed been clearly defined?
  • Is the curriculum to be assessed aligned to the learning objectives?
  • Are the learning objectives appropriately represented in the assessment according to their importance in the course?
  • How should results be reported?

Post-assessment validity and quality control considerations:

  • Statistical analysis of examination questions (item analysis).
  • Statistical analysis (reliability and sources of measurement error).
  • Standard-Setting process.
  • On-going review through repeated assessment cycles.

Verita’s experts are here to assist …

Verita’s educational measurement professionals have experience designing and validating assessments locally and internationally.  We apply best practice in measurement with a strong theoretical foundation grounded in current educational research.   From classroom assessment of individual students, to high-stakes exams at the program level, to international assessments that guide educational policy, we understand what is required to support valid and defensible assessment inferences.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Thinking about putting your exam online?

Download our free working document …

Verita Online Examinations – What to think about when moving your exam online (Acrobat PDF document PDF)

Need assistance in evaluating the performance of your current assessment or examination?  See below.